What Makes Co-Cash Unique?

4 min readMay 20, 2022

In an increasingly fragmented world, it can be difficult to find a place where everything you need is in one place. However, the DeFi environment brings together all of the innovative tools and technologies that people build their financial systems. These technologies were created to create a new kind of financial infrastructure that is both more efficient and fairer than the traditional centralized systems that have dominated finance for centuries. From easy access to liquidity to tools for tracking and budgeting to ways to be more responsible with spending habits — people find it all in DeFi space.

Co-Cash is a new blockchain-based platform that ensures a passive income for all DeFi users worldwide. The guiding philosophy of this crypto project is “Together is better,” and it is working to build a community-based, fair ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

There are other decentralized blockchain platforms available, but Co-Cash is one of a kind. The platform was developed as an attempt to democratize the financial system and make it more accessible to everyone. Co-Cash has been designed with simplicity in mind so that anyone can use it. The crypto project is simple to understand and use, making it ideal for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world. Because of its unique structure, Co-Cash is a great alternative for investors looking to diversify their portfolios while also gaining access to financial services.

So, what distinguishes Co-Cash? As a preferred DeFi platform for many users, Co-cash is unique for several reasons.

The platform will use its token, the CoToken, which will be used as a medium of exchange between users. Some of the use cases of the token include peg from the cash stablecoin, governance token on snapshot.org, charity token, and payment rewards at the UBI lottery, among others.

The tokenomics of Co-cash is unique as it will be launched with a maximum total supply of 1 quadrillion, of which 48% of the supply will be sent to a burning wallet as a deflationary force on the token. Also, 25% is allocated to contractually locked liquidity (Co-Token/BNB LP Locked), 25% to community participants during the liquidity drive event, 1% for Performance Wallet, 0.5% for charity wallet, and 0.5% to Community Fund.

Every transaction with Co-cash incurs a 10% transaction fee: 5% is locked in liquidity, 3.5% is directly distributed to all holders as reflection rewards, 1% goes to the community fund, and the remaining 1% is sent to a dedicated charity wallet.

Co-Token is used as partial redemption collateral for the Cash Stablecoin. The Cash Stablecoin is minted by providing Binance USD (BUSD (90% secured by BUSD and 10% secured by Co-token.). The stablecoin will serve as a form of payment that’s utilized to distribute basic income and passive rewards. On the Cash Stablecoin side, there will be a native Stacking with a variable APR and a Cash Bonding System that gives a fixed 205% APR.

As a distinctive platform, Co-Cash will implement a UBI Pool. It is a fund from which a UBI will be distributed to all platform users in the future. All raffled basic incomes are paid from this pool. This pool collects funds when coins are minted or redeemed, as well as when funds are paid into the UBI lottery. To participate in the UBI lottery, users must deposit a minimum of $10. The greater the amount deposited, the greater the chance of winning an annual basic income.

Co-Cash is expected to have the following: (1) a Charity Wallet that can be used by the DAO to decide where and how much to donate, accept or reject (2) a Community Fund which is used to pay the UBI lottery prizes, ensure the purchase of reward credits for fair stacking when mined and redeemed, support the price of the co-token, and ensure that the 10% algorithmic stablecoin side of cash is covered; and (3) Performance Wallet, which is publicly viewable on Co-Budget to help cover project expenses.

Co-Cash is unique because it not only provides a place to learn about and participate in decentralized finance but also allows earning rewards for cooperation and working together. This activity is used to form communities with other individuals to share the staking rewards equally so that everyone benefits. By having at least two people confirm each other’s wallet addresses in the cooperation staff, each can create a community. If there are more than two individuals, they must all verify each other’s wallet addresses to access the redistribution function. The stacking rewards are accumulated and distributed equally among all members of the cooperation, resulting in the cooperation plus. Sharing and pooling not only reduce risk but also increase efficiency and promote the growth of all participants.

Co-Cash has been operational for some time, and as a new platform in the DeFi industry, it brings together the brightest minds in technology and finance so that they can collaborate to build a better future. Currently, Co-Cash provides a long-term solution to the unstable and insecure doubts on the Defi market by combining committed professionals and a profound understanding of blockchain technology. The company views Co-cash as a long-term, stable initiative with specific objectives and use cases, so investors can anticipate not only rapid and profitable returns but also the security and stability of their investments.

It can be intimidating to think about building your financial system from scratch. That’s why Co-Cash can take care of all the hard parts for you. It has already done an innovative and unique way of creating a platform that handles your investment, so all you have to do is choose what works best for you.

So, if you’re ready for an easier way of building your finance system, give Co-Cash a try now. Invest in Co-Cash and experience the stable and secure way of investing your money.