UI Development Update & Early Investors

2 min readMar 31, 2022

Greetings everyone!

We’re thrilled to release the first of many development updates of Co-Cash. This highlights our commitment to building a secure and robust ecosystem for all our stakeholders.

UI Sneak Peeks

Desktop View
Mobile UI
Native Staking and Bonding
Bottom View

No Pre-Sale
Co-Cash is committed to building a fair ecosystem and we believe that holding a pre-sale would run counter to the very core of our mission.

We are confident that through this setup we place ourselves in a strong position in building the stable and secure platform for our users to grow their crypto assets.

Early Investors
It’s clear, even as early as now, that building our community-based ecosystem requires rewarding our early investors. Indeed, all our stakeholders are stewards of Co-Cash and so without compromise to our missions, we are building a program that shall empower both the protocol and all our early investors. We’ll share more details in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for many more updates!

About Co-Cash
Co-Cash is a DeFi protocol building a fair and community-based ecosystem. We focus on commons, transparency, equality and digital minimalism.

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